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Frequently Asked Flooring Questions

We have an extremely good factory behind us manufacturing our floors. Secondly, we have gone to extreme length to make sure that our selection is second to none. You can come to one location and get all materials you need. We have the best selection of anybody on the market. Thirdly, our price cannot be beat. Because of our low overhead and company structure, we can sell you the same quality flooring for $1 less per square foot.

We have a limited lifetime 25 year residential and 10 year commercial guarantee.

If you go to a big box store, you are lucky to find someone to help you. That leaves you waiting in the isle figuring out what materials you will need. At C.A.S.E. Discount Flooring, we provide 1-on-1 concierge service where you will schedule an appointment in person with one of our flooring specialists who will meet with you in the warehouse and talk about your needs. 

The wear layer is an indication as to how long it's going to last before it starts showing wear. For example, there's a lot of flooring on the market that has an 8 mil wear layer. That's probably the lowest that you might find. What that means is as you walk on it day after day after day, especially in a commercial application, you could start to see that surface wear off, and it'd get down to the point of where the layer of the veneer is, and it'll start to show where in a pretty bad way.

Our floors start off with a 12 mil wear layer for durability. You can think about a wear layer in terms of the thickness of a trash bag. It's called millage. If you've got a 2 mil plastic bag, you might be able to poke your finger through it, but if you've got a 20 mil trash bag, you can stretch it all day long and you're not going to be able to penetrate it.

That's the same concept with the plastic film layer that's over top of the vinyl veneer on hardwood flooring. The thicker the wear layer is, the longer it's going to wear, the longer it's going to last, especially in the commercial applications where you got heavy traffic.

In a residential scenario, we have a 25-year warranty on the 12 mil wear layer and a 25-year warranty on the 20 mil wear layer. It's more important when it comes to commercial applications because in a residence, it will be very hard to wear it out. Its more likely you would be selling your house and moving on before you would ever have an issue with the flooring.